Advanced VLSI Program Content

Basics of Digital VLSI

VHDL, Verilog & System Verilog


FPGA Design Flow

SOC FPGA Design Flow

Real Time Industry Standard Simulation Tools

Real Time Industry Standard Synthesis Tools

Real Time Industry Standard FPGA Debugging Tools

Timing Analysis

Failure Analysis

Developing Embedded Systems on the FPGA

Oscillators & PLL

Encryption & Decryption Techniques



UART Verilog/VHDL Code Development

UARTapb Verilog/VHDL Code Development

USB-to-UART Converter Verilog/VHDL Code Development

Interrupt Controller Verilog/VHDL Code Development

Memory Verilog/VHDL Code Development

MAC Verilog/VHDL Code Development

Area & Power Optimization Techniques

Real Time Test cases

Industry Standard Tools for simulation, Synthesis,debug

Advanced Embedded Systems Program Content

Basics of Embedded Systems + Tools like Eclipse, Dev C++, IAR, ...etc...

C/C++ code Development & Debugging.


FPGA Design Flow + Hardware Development + Software Development.

Embedded Application Development & Debugging.

Testing Embedded Software.

Complex Real-Time Embedded System based on ARM processor & 8051 processor


ARM Processor & 8051 Architecture and Programming


SRAM, Flash Memories, ROM, EPROM & EEPROM, Cache, SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DMA

Working on the Embedded Boards & Eclipse Tool to develop & debug C code

Command prompt, Linux Commands & Memory management

Universal Asynchronous Transmitter and Receiver Protocol & UART on FPGA

GPIO Controller & GPIO controller on FPGA

Watchdog & Timers on FPGA

SPI & I2C controller on FPGA

Real Time Operating System & RTOS API's

ADC Theory of operation, characteristics and ADC API's + Configuring ADC

App to develop voltmeter using on-chip ADC & Data Acquisition

DAC Theory of operation, DAC API's & Configuring DAC

Universal serial Bus theory of operation & USB PHY

Embedded App to control the cursor position on the computer screen

Embedded App to transfer the files from the PC to Pen drive & vice versa

Control Area Network Theory of operation, CAN Modes, CAN API's & Configuring CAN

Ethernet Controller & Ethernet Controller PHY

In-system Programming, SPI Loaders, Code Shadowing & HW-SW Co-design

MATLAB Role in Embedded Systems & VLSI

PLL, Oscillator & Clock dividing Techniques

Real Time Test cases